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Think Star Wars meets Big Wednesday! Add time and space travel through ocean portals and you will meet the monks of the Shallow Temple. They are the first ones to discover all life on Mars is extinct. All water has gone, all life has died. The monks have to organize quickly, sure their enemy, Neuron Ontez, destroyer of Mars, will try to become the leader of planet Earth. A new temple must be built on Earth.
Ontez has a network of spies who find a link to the temple by way of marooned sailor, Peter Carder, who met a young monk from the temple and recorded the meeting in his journal.
Carder’s great-great grandson discovers the journal and shows it to his friend. Together they embark on an amazing journey into the future to find the temple and warn the monks about the most dangerous man on Earth, Neuron Ontez.

Alana Konieczka

Alana Konieczka is new to the children’s book space. Her goal is to engage the young readers and help them use their imagination, to foster a love of reading at a young age. Her personal motto is faith, family, friends (2 and 4 legged), and freedom. Alana is a lifelong voracious reader, who started out the Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown and Little House on the Prairie, like so many young ladies of her generation. She likes to read mysteries and will read a series from the first book to the last. Alana feels like she’s losing a friend when one of her favorite authors passes away, taking their characters with them. Alana is also currently The Friends of the Library president in her town library, but fully admits she has a great board and group to work with. She also likes to travel, has been to 38 states and 3 foreign countries, but will always have a book with her. Alana is old school, and likes to have a book in her hand, but is learning of downloading books into kindle or a laptop.


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