People are tired of talking about the pandemic’s effects. They are eager to see customers, fans, buyers, and colleagues in person. We’re not just talking about businesses here. We’re also talking about independent authors looking for a wider audience and building a bigger network.

In-person events are back, and no one can stop them, not even the COVID-19 scare. Nevertheless, event organizers have to take some measures to ensure the safety of attendees. With that, some organizations have created modifications to address the needs of individuals who want to stay at home and the ones who want to go out. Most of all, the challenge for in-person event planners is to make sure that the benefits of attending the conference are far better than the cost.

Pandemic, Events, and Safety

Needlessly to say, many businesses closed, employees laid off, and events canceled during the peak of the coronavirus disease of 2019. Aside from the economic and health impacts, mental and emotional capacities were also seriously affected.

Meeting people in big gatherings could alleviate the longing to get connected again. This is especially true for many authors who are now in their retirement years. Hence, event organizers, especially library administrators, try to bring back in-person events with safety precautions.

Event Benefits Over Cost

Aside from ensuring public health, book fair participants would want to know if attending in-person events is worth the cost. Personal talks and exchanging calling cards are two of the advantages of physical events. Fairgoers would be more than glad to build more networks during conferences.

Outstanding book exhibitions, book signings, workshops, and other activities are expected to be par excellence. Of course, authors aim to add more readers, buyers, and collaborators. They want to make sure that the event organizer has a big community whom they can connect with and get a better return on their investment.

Hybrid Book Events

Before events continually transition from virtual to in-person gatherings, many companies have mixed the two strategies. For instance, ReadersMagnet created The Festival of Storytellers during the peak of the pandemic to meet the needs of authors. The said virtual book fair was reenacted in 2022 while two in-person events had been conducted as well.

Despite personal events making a big comeback, hybrid book fairs are becoming more popular. Aside from the fact that some individuals are still adamant about joining big crowds, virtual events are also far more affordable for many businesses. On top of that, online book fairs are also a big help for home-bound authors dealing with physical limitations. Hence, supplementing in-person activities with virtual programs is a smart strategy for event organizers.

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