Online Booksellers Advertising

Cover more ground, reach more markets

If you want to bring your book to the readers and stakeholders that matter and grow your readership, advertise on two of the most reliable and visited websites in the publishing industry:
We have partnered with Amazon and Ingram, which are the most reputable booksellers in the industry, to launch an online banner ad campaign for your book. With ReadersMagnet’s Online Booksellers Advertising, you can reach out to all markets of book buyers and industry stakeholders: library visitors and librarians, bookstore buyers and bookstore owners, those who buy single copies and those who buy in bulk, and a wide range of stakeholders in the book publishing industry.

Why advertise on Amazon and Ingram?

By advertising on Amazon, you get your book in front of millions of readers and book buyers. By advertising on Ingram’s ipage, you bring your book in front of Ingram’s extensive network of booksellers, librarians, industry decision-makers, and retailers worldwide.

Online visibility: Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, has over 310 million active users. Ingram’s ipage, an easy-to-use search and book ordering platform, has over 50,000 users.
Extensive book distribution: Thousands of bookstores and libraries order directly from Ingram, one of the largest book distributors in the industry.
Marketing promotions: Multiple promotional activities to increase the visibility of the ad.
Targeted marketing: Virtually every visitor on Amazon and Ingram are buyers who are looking for new titles to read.
24/7 promotion: Online banner ads on Amazon and Ingram can be viewed by millions of people online anywhere, anytime.

Get your book in front of your target markets in a cost-efficient and comprehensive way. Our Online Booksellers Advertising service covers ad creation, setup, and management on both Amazon and Ingram’s ipage.

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