Being involved in an indie author community is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of what kind of options are available to you. Frequently, indie authors decide to publish their work in this fashion, since their work isn’t always compatible with mainstream publishing formats. 

 A career in writing- may often be very lonely, sometimes a depressing one too, especially when you feel alone in terms of hearing advice or suggestions, or just the comfort of a polite and supportive voice. Fortunately, the good news is that writing groups for indie authors are everywhere — you just need to choose one that meets your style.

To many authors, the thought of writing your own novel may be intimidating — about as enticing as your taxes. That’s why it’s so helpful to join an indie author community. You don’t even need to be a professional to create a group — and you’re going to be surprised at how helpful, uplifting, and positively phenomenal some of your fellow authors can be.

As a writer, you seldom know where your encouragement would come from, so why not begin interacting and supporting each other together?

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Here are some ways to get yourself involved in the active writing community and associate yourself with other indie authors:

    1. Visit your local library

    Libraries often sponsor reading groups or writers’ workshops that might be just what you are looking for. And it’s always a good idea to get to know the librarians. They can be a big help when your book is finally ready to be published.

    2. Look for the right group

    The internet has made the world a much smaller place. Even the most obscure niche genres have a home online (like on Reddit). Goodreads, Scribophile, and have indie author communities.

    3. Interact, share ideas, and perfect your craft

    Once you’ve found a good indie author group, make some new friends and share concepts and ideas with them- you’ll be surprised that sometimes, that’s all we need to get new ideas flowing.

    4. Never stop learning about and exploring the publishing world

    Book marketing and the publishing business are evolving every day. To stay up to date with this, stay in contact with authors who are well versed in modern marketing trends.

    5. Put concepts to the test

    Not sure about the tone or phrasing of certain things in your book? Constructive criticism and suggestions from others in the community forums are sure to help.

    6. Gain a following

    When your project is finished and published into the community, you’ll have an informed and supportive audience that’ll help you earn your first sales and reviews, which will help you gain traction in the writing world.

    7. Get your book reviewed and review others’ books as well

    Ask the writing community to critique your work after you’ve completed and revised your novel. Exchanging feedback is a very common method. It’s a free and quick win-win for both authors.

    8. Get on twitter

    Twitter may also be a fantastic way to create a network of indie authors. Searching #writersblockshould pull up people from all around the world who are willing to help.

    9. Support your fellow authors and purchase their books

    Giving back to your community is one surefire way to strengthen it and help it grow. Support your fellow authors by buying their work- don’t forget to give them shout-outs on social media!

    10.  Have fun

    Not many authors realize that, sometimes, although it’s subjective, the essence of enjoying writing could simply be having a good time throughout the whole process. Enjoy what you do and keep on doing it- see how it benefits the community.

    When you choose to enter these author groups, either in person or online, the benefits will flow instantly. Your new buddies can make the process easier, offer feedback on your novels and concepts, and share their knowledge — and greatest of all, gain followers for your book while making new friends at the same time.