Being able to write can make someone a writer, but being a writer cannot automatically make someone an author. This blog post is created by a writer but not a published author. That brings us to the question of what qualifies someone to be an author.

Aside from the differences between a writer and an author, there are also some distinctions between a book author and a published book author. The items below are a developing character, from being a writer to being a published author.

Willingness to Write

Though anyone who can put words into a blank sheet of paper can write, not everyone has the willingness a true writer has when it comes to doing the task. Willingness is a big part of the intricate process of publishing a book. This is especially important in the digital era, where everyone seems to be busy or pretend to be active but not accomplish anything.

Completing a writing task starts with the willingness to do it, from developing a plan to executing the entire concept of the project. Even a prolific writer cannot be a published author without the quality of a willing and strong-willed author.

Expertise in the Subject

Writers are not just putting the words of the alphabet into sentences. Writers are researchers as well. This is critical for writers who want to author a specialized genre; science fiction, for instance. An average writer might create a blog article with 2,000 words about the moon but not be able to do the same in a 350-pages novel. On the other hand, an expert on the moon might be able to creatively write a book about it with creatures not known to humans and not even to science.

The expertise in handling a subject separates an author from an everyday writer. This is especially crucial if you know that many experts could review your work and give your literary creation a thumbs down or a thumbs up. Thus, you must ensure that you have a significant amount of knowledge and resources concerning your topic if you want to publish it in a book for the general public.

Perseverance to Publish

One of the differences between an author and a published author is the perseverance to finish the project and see the book in bookstores and libraries. You might author a book but not be able to post it. It could be due to the lack of time to develop your draft, lack of budget to mobilize the publishing process, or lack of determination to see it in a publishable book cover and reviewed book content.

Perseverance is beyond having the willingness to write. Perseverance is the diligence of toiling night and day while working with editors, illustrators, agents, designers, publishers, and marketers. This qualification of being an author might not be the only one to bring you to become a successful published author. Nonetheless, it is an essential character that you should have to continue the path of literary success.

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