The BBB A+ rating given to ReadersMagnet means a lot about how the company prioritizes customer service. This is especially true because BBB Accreditation undergoes a thorough evaluation before giving a high score. It only means that RM cares, supports, and delivers to satisfy the needs of self-published authors.

The Better Business Bureau follows certain standards in accrediting a business. The criteria are higher during the grading process. The most important of these measures is how a company deals with customers and how the customers provide reviews on the same agency. Thus, gaining a BBB A+ rating is a confirmation of how ReadersMagnet puts customer satisfaction first before profit.

ReadersMagnet Cares

From the company’s tagline itself, RM is committed to sharing the stories of indie authors with the world. Of course, that starts with looking for authors who need assistance with their publishing and marketing goals. After reaching out to authors, our consultants will listen to their stories. We try to understand the situation of the author before, during, and even after the publication of his or her book. After assessing the actions taken by the author, we’ll recommend the best possible publishing and marketing service he or she can take advantage of. We see to it that the author feels welcome and will be guided throughout the delivery of the service.

ReadersMagnet Supports

The company has been receiving good reviews, which is why BBB has graded RM with an A+ rating. Giving our full support is the way how we show our care to authors. From conceptualizing a captivating book cover to implementing engaging social media marketing, we ensure to give the needed help to make things on the right track.

Whenever we meet negative feedback, we try to understand what goes wrong and find ways to address the problem. We make sure that our team handles issues properly and works closely with the author to meet the expected results.

ReadersMagnet Delivers

Here at ReadersMagnet, we strive to make our process as smooth and comprehensive as possible to minimize misunderstanding. We see to it that the expected deliverables are provided accordingly. We frequently review our services and continue to listen to suggestions from our authors, so we can develop our efforts and make our offers more relevant and satisfying to our clients.

We already have many repeat clients since the company started. This proves that the authors have benefitted from our services and earned more royalties from the marketing efforts we provide. That’s how our professional and experienced workforce delivers what we’ve promised.

You can visit ReadersMagnet’s BBB profile to read more reviews and feedback. If you have more inquiries, you can directly contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or We’re happy to hear from you soon!