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Do you love books? Do you want to meet your favorite authors? Do you want to get their signature on your favorite books? The LA Times Festival of Books is on the horizon.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2023 is right around the corner, and if you are an avid book lover and would love to support your favorite authors, you better have a good excuse for not attending!

Unlike other hobbies or interests, you see, book reading does not have local teams, concerts, superstars, etcetera, etcetera. However, there might be adjacent merchandise and tie-in publications if the novel or franchise grows large and popular enough to get an adaptation, whether it is in cinema, television, or video game consoles—but not every author gets the chance to have that happen to them, especially for self-published authors (although it is not something that has never happened before; so just keep your fingers crossed!). 

Aside from that ever happening and maybe buying another copy or two, or perhaps chipping into their Ko-Fi or Patreon (if they have any), there is really little else a reader can do to show support for their favorite books and authors. Why is it so difficult to show love for this thing you like?

Well, that is where book fairs come in. Book fairs—like the LA Times Festival of Books, the London Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair, and many more from across the globe—are all open invitations for book lovers and enthusiasts, authors and publishers, to engage and interact with one another with the goal of mutual support. Book fairs are environments naturally suited for writers, publishers, and readers alike to meet up and get a better appreciation for their works, their products, and their audiences.

All About Books and Authors Gathered in One Place!

This year’s LA Times Festival of Books is gearing up to be one of the largest book fairs of the year, with over three hundred (300) exhibitors planning on setting up stalls and platforms and more than five hundred (500) authors scheduled to showcase their upcoming or already published works (Jurassic World Dominion actress Laura Dern, Georgia politician Stacey Abrams, and “Made You Look singer Meghan Trainor are reportedly joining that roster). 

It’s a helluva time to be either a writer or a reader!

The best part about book fairs, aside from being all about books, is the sheer amount of books on display. Quality might be variable, but the quantity of it all is staggering. If you could line them all up top to bottom, it could easily wrap the entire Continental United States many times over! With hundreds of exhibitors representing dozens of books and authors themselves showcasing their works—it is a veritable heaven for readers!

ReadersMagnet Will Be at the LA Times Festival

With such a gathering of book enthusiasts and an opportunity for a wider stage to tell your stories, it’s inevitable that the ReadersMagnet Book Fair will also be attending the LA Times Festival of Books this year.

Our catalog of books will include reprints, new editions, recently published and perhaps a small slate of upcoming books. It is not a good book fair if there are not any books—and, wouldn’t you know ReadersMagnet is doing its best to chip in! Books are the lifeblood of book fairs, and it would be a crying shame if we came blazing in without some.

Be sure also to stop by our booth and those of other authors to get your book signed! That’s one of the most wonderful things you can do during book fairs, have your favorite books signed by your favorite authors!

Drawing in almost 150,000 attendees every year, the LA Times Festival of Books is the largest public event celebrating the written word in the US of A. Any reader worth their salt who has the opportunity and time to attend should get to planning their participation!

Contact us anytime at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]! We are more than ready to share your story with the world!

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