One of the first book fair events held in Los Angeles is back with an in-person event this spring. Find out what you will be expecting from this year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Annually, the world’s entertainment capital breathes life into books as it facilitates the nation’s largest public literary festival, an event celebrating creativity expressed not just in writing but also practice. This year, they are back with an in-person event scheduled this spring: April 23 and 24.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the most prominent author convention, gathering approximately 150,000 book lovers. As a book festival, it gathers around 550 and more guests that aren’t only limited to authors but also include poets, musicians, artists, even chefs, and celebrities. Ongoers will have the opportunity to meet their favorite creators up close and even get to know them and their journey. Other than these guests, the Los Angeles Festival of Books will also house exhibitors, including publishing companies, bookstores, and our very own ReadersMagnet, to display and sell books of various genres.

A Short History of Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

This festival was already existing since 1996 and was conceived during an American Booksellers Association event held at the LA Convention Center. This started when Narda Zacchino and Lisa Cleri Reale talked about the existing festivals in the country. While in the discussion, the former suggested that they launch one held explicitly in Los Angeles. Initially, the event was held at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Now

Now, the festival is held on the University of Southern California campus in the University neighborhood in downtown LA. But going there doesn’t pose much of a hassle or difficulty since, aside from full directions provided on their website, the University neighborhood is located nearby famous buildings such as the California Science Center and the Natural History Museum. Additionally, when it comes to navigating around the USC grounds during the event, the Los Angeles Festival of Books website will be providing a festival map for their attendees to download and print.

LATFOB isn’t only a two-day congregation of authors with their proudest works. It also showcases different entertaining events, which include:

  • opening performances from the USC Trojan Marching Band
  • discussions or conversations with multiple authors
  • books and poetry readings
  • cooking demonstrations
  • film screenings,
  • and book signings

The event also comes prepared with a mixture of equally delightful performances between their primary shows. Performances from groups such as the Versa-Style Hip-hop Dance Group, Sol del Fuego Folkloric Ballet will ensure the attendees remain entertained and that there won’t be any dull hours throughout the festival. Besides dance performances, book lovers can also fall in love with music such as YOLA or the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, LA Opera Singers, and SoCal VoCals, an a capella group.

Overall, compared to the other book fairs in the country, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books proves to be the most festive event that perfectly blends all art forms.

If you’re hesitant to register or attend the said event given today’s circumstances, LA Festival makes it a point to prioritize everyone’s health and safety above all else. The attendees are expected to follow strict measures such as wearing masks and social distancing throughout the event. Likewise, they will be asked to present their vaccination cards, which can be downloaded into their phones before entering the site.

Additionally, the good news is that the event is primarily free. Being on campus grounds doesn’t only allow you to walk around and observe event grounds. You can also listen to authors’ conversations about their books through a small service fee will be charged. However, certain events such as question and answer portions require tickets, which you can purchase through online ticketing services. For any author – whether new or a veteran – who’s interested, you can sign up with ReadersMagnet and enjoy the benefits of the event. For book lovers interested in attending the festival, you can reach the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books through their website.

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