What should you do next after self-publishing your own book? Launch a successful digital publishing campaign.

The Internet offers you and other self-published authors more places to publish, so maximize the opportunity to attract significant attention to your book, share your story and express your expertise and opinion in the digital realm.alm.

Below are some digital publishing tips and strategies to build your author brand:

  1. Fine tune your website

Your author website should be the center of your digital publishing campaign. It is the general information portal for your authorship; it is your calling card and curriculum vitae of sorts. Moreover, your website is the focal point for engagement, advertising, traffic, and revenue.

Make sure you have a website that looks great – clean and professional-looking – and has high-quality content, whether articles, infographics, or videos.

  1. Be friendly to mobile users

Got a well-designed website? Good! Got a mobile-friendly website? Better! Because if you don’t, you will miss out on potential readers – and sales, so make sure your author website can be viewed on a variety of mobile devices and window or screen sizes.

As the numbers say it, mobile is growing in importance. Here are some important figures:

  • Mobile devices accounted for 49.74% of web page views worldwide as of February 2017. (Statista)
  • Mobile traffic garnered 52.64% share of total global online traffic in 2017. (Statista)
  • 90% of smartphone owners use their phones while making purchasing decisions in a brick and mortar store. (Marketing Land)
  • Mobile search leads to action. 92% of those who searched on their phone made a related purchase. (Thinking With Google)
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. (socPub)
  1. Improve your website’s SEO

Whatever you post on your author website, be it a blog post, image or video, make sure they are optimized for internet users as these are the very stuff that drives traffic to your website.

Make sure all pages and content are optimized with the appropriate keywords or keyword phrases. Your title tags and meta description need to be short and sweet, content descriptive, keyword relevant, and page related.

  1. Turn readers into subscribers

One way to ensure a continuous steady traffic to your author website is to get readers to sign up for an email newsletter, special updates, offers, and promotions. That way, you encourage readers to return and stay on your website longer.

Moreover, email subscription is a preliminary path to email marketing, which is an effective way to gather marketing data. Through email marketing analytics tools, you can collect, track, and analyze data related to your email marketing campaigns, which will help you measure subscriber engagement in an effort to build better relationships and drive more sales and conversions.

  1. Post content regularly

Whether it is an update you send to your email subscribers, a new post you publish on your blog, or a new video you upload on YouTube… whatever it is that you post and share with your readers, do it with regular consistency.

Publish regularly. Push out content consistently. While it does take time to see digital publishing results, you gradually build a large, loyal following online and above all, traction for your authorship.

  1. Offer premium content

To get more email subscribers, offer free content. To drive income to your author website, offer access to premium content. Digital influencers offer their email subscribers access to premium content for a one-time fee while newspapers offer basic unlimited access to premium content for as low as a dollar a week. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Whether you decide to charge for premium content, make sure you offer your readers or email subscribers content that will add value to their reading and learning experience. What kind of content? Something rich and interactive such as videos, interactive illustrations, and rich animations.

  1. Make all things social

Don’t just use social media to post status updates or share or upload new content. Use social media to engage your readers and contribute to the conversation. A thought leader does not stay on the sidelines; they become part of the discussion.

Post updates or share or upload content to spark a conversation, and it is your initiative to do so, especially if there is none. Social media is more than just a distribution channel for your content; it is a tool for conversation.

  1. All hail video, the new king of content

The reason why most people turn to mobile is to consume content in the most convenient way. Given their increasingly technology-influenced lifestyles, it is best to attract their attention – and push them to take action – with a form of content that is interactive, like a video.

Video is the new king of content, be it a book trailer or a writing instruction video. It is more visually appealing and easier to digest than other forms of content, plus people remember video content better and engage more with video too.

Apply these tips and strategies and you can ace your digital publishing campaign.

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