book trailer is a short video that serves as a teaser for published books. It shows an impression, a backgrounder, or even an excerpt from the book. Mainly, it is a promotional tool and part of the marketing strategy for you and your author brand. Every minute, hundreds of videos are being posted and uploaded on YouTube, FacebookLive, in other social media sites. Authors could use basic trailer tips. While it is true that coming up with a commercial video can be a bit technical, producing your own book video is something you certainly can explore. You might be surprised to learn that the steps in creating your video are a lot like the process you encounter while writing and publishing your literary masterpiece.


  • Storyboard

The foremost of all book trailer tips is step is to come up with a detailed sequence of each scene.  A storyboard looks like a comic strip, each panel corresponds to the scene you want to display in your video. You can present snippets, impressions, hints, and even interesting still shots. You can even present the scenes random on purpose or in a dream-like presentation. Your storyboard should be entertaining and interesting.

  • Actors/Characters/Personnel

Once you have your final story, you can now look scout for actors if you are doing live action. While it’s not necessary that you get the services of professional actors, you should at least look for those who can decently portray the characters. You can scout for members of the drama club in your community college or friends who are thespians.

If you are doing animation or graphic-based video, you can tap friends or freelancers to do your animated video.

Most short films do not require a large crew, a pool of supportive friends who can serve as your production staff is pretty much just what you need.

  • Costumes and Props

You are not shooting a full-length film. Don’t bother yourself with huge expenses and hard to find materials. Be resourceful and creative but don’t settle for mediocre set design and props.

  • Set

This is where you shoot your film. If you are doing a live action book trailer, you better scout for a location that fits with the one in your storyboard. It doesn’t have to be out of town or a spot that requires you to rent the place. There are many hidden spots that provide good natural light or picturesque landscape. Interior scenes can be done in your own house, a small diner, a community campus or even inside a local slaughterhouse (if you happen to be doing a horror trailer).

 Production / Shooting

After the necessary preparations, it’s time to shoot your short video. While the idea is to shoot using a professional camera, you can actually use camera phones like iPhone 5 and other smartphones of the latest models. You can rig it with a camera lens that can actually generate cinematic results. Smartphones are also portable and convenient especially if you have multiple locations for the film.

Live action is just one of the many ways you can create a book trailer. Using the latest graphics and animation software, you can choose motion graphics, 2D (90s Disney movies), 3D animation (see Pixar movies), Stop Motion (clay or paper cut).

Most trailers employ the use of special effects to create a visually rich short film. Incorporating graphics and other visual effects help attract viewers and increase interest in your book.

You can also refer to specific book trailer tips for your shooting session. There are many styles, methods, and approach in shooting or directing your short film.


  • Editing

You can edit your mini-movie with a ready app from your laptop. Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere provide decent results. Windows Live Movie Maker is pretty much the most user-friendly and also reliable. Video editing is pretty much where the trick resides. The final cut and the length is crucial is producing an effective trailer.

  • Effects

Another book trailer that is often ignored is that sometimes graphics and other visual effects are sometimes added to make your video more interesting for the viewer. However, be careful not overdo it. Effects are just complimentary elements. They are not the central element to your video.

  • Call to Action

The ideal last scene for your trailer should contain your publication information. It should display the book cover, a brief book description, a separate scene containing the book title, author, contact numbers, your home as well as your URL address and other information such as release or launch date and where can they be availed. This way, viewers will not be distracted by texts scattered throughout the film. Also, your book and all the information related to it will have enough exposure and publicity.

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