Every year, thousands of Children’s Books are published all over the world. In the United States alone, millions of copies are being printed and sold.  It is one of the most stable book genres of all time. We listed 11 reasons why publishing children’s books are great for authors.

  1. It’s almost always fun. We all grew up listening or reading children’s stories. Imagine if you could write your own children’s book and tell your own unforgettable adventure. Children’s books are always based on adventure. And adventures are always fun. Well, almost always.
  2. It has wide coverage. Children’s books are read by various age brackets. There are more than a dozen types and sub-categories under the children’s books. Unlike other book genres, it covers many subject matters as well as many different styles.
  3. Anything is possible. With children’s books, anything is possible. You can create the wildest of characters, the greatest setting or location, and basically almost everything your childlike mind can hope to imagine.
  4. You can add artworks. Most children’s book has images and artworks. They help young readers absorb the story well. Picture books and fully illustrated children’s books make reading less dull because of the images found in the pages.
  5. They educate readers. Children’s books are educational materials as well. From helping the kids learn the alphabet or identifying objects to teaching basic values and other lessons for young readers.
  6. They inspire us always. Aside from educating our young how to read, write, and other basic lessons, children’s books also inspire us. From moral lessons at the end of every fable to giving us hope, reminding us what is truly good and important, children’s stories are always about being positive. Even adult readers can learn from children’s stories and the great thing about it is that lessons are not easy to forget.
  7. They can be interactive. Over the years, children’s book has evolved. From the fragile thin pages, most children’s books nowadays are printed in glossy cardboards with drawings, even moving pictures, and some are even in 3-D with puzzles and other interactive feature. This way, learning is not limited to reading. There are even children’s books that help readers train the analytical skills of their readers.
  8. The market is quite big. Because of its many sub-categories and wide readership, the children’s book industry is one of the biggest in terms of readership and sales. Each year, they rank among the top 5 book genres both in print and eBook format. Self-publishing houses also allow authors to publish more children’s books now more than ever.
  9. It’s also good training. To assume that writing and publishing children’s books are only for those who are not highly skilled is a great mistake. While children’s book does not require thousands of words and a complex plot, children’s books need to be interesting and appealing to the young. And it is not that easy getting the attention of young readers. Also, publishing children’s book can be good training for those who are just starting or testing the waters.
  10. The stories are timeless. Most stories are easily forgotten and outgrown. Children’s book has a different nature. Kids who read a particular story at age 4 will likely remember and still read about it even when she reaches 10. Some of the greatest children’s classic is still being read by adults. That is another thing that separates children’s books for all other book genres.
  11. Easy for other mediums. Last but certainly not least, children’s books are easy to adapt to using other mediums- animation, play, and even movies. Because of their length and simple plots, children’s books have other versions. For a children’s book author, this is always good commercially and critically.

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