In the previous post, we talked about book trailers (and videos, in general) and discussed their potential impact in book marketing and promotion. So, do you think a video will help sell your book?

If yes, then create a book trailer that works: A video that will tell readers that you have a great story to share with them; a book trailer that will tell them that your story is worth reading; a video that will compel readers to buy or order your book.

To create an excellent quality book trailer, you don’t need a huge budget or a stellar cast. There are just a few things you need to do to create a video that will blow potential readers away.

1) Plan

Creating a book trailer is just like writing your book; planning is like writing the draft. Make a storyboard to plan and work out every shot in advance. Get all your ideas down on paper before you start to help you make sure you get everything you need in your book trailer.

2) Be informative

Take note that your video trailer is a marketing material, so you need to think “pitch’, not “plot”. You must provide potential readers with an idea of what your book has in store for them; give them a taste of what your story promises. Excite them, intrigue them, tease them, but don’t give the whole book away.

3) Write a script for the video

Think of your script as your final draft, only that it is going to be on video and it should have more suspense than the synopsis on the back cover of your book. People digest text differently when watching a video compared to when they read a book cover. Be clear and concise and make sure the text and the images are perfectly aligned.

4) Keep it short

Most book trailers last between 30-90 seconds. You have that enough time to make a convincing pitch about your book. Be brief and make sure your words count.

5) Create an emotional bond

As you, through your book, promise readers a unique reading experience and above all, the opportunity to create their own emotional experiences, your book does more to reinforce the anticipation readers may have about your book. With the right music and imagery, it creates an emotional bond between your readers and the elements of your story: the characters and the emotions involved.

6) Use the best images

You don’t have to appear in your own book trailer or hire people to act in your video. You can just use beautiful, high quality images, photos, or pictures, all of which you can download for free from stock photography sites such as Pixabay and Pexels. You can even use images or photos from your own book, especially is it is a visual one such as a children’s book, memoir or autobiography, travelogue, or art book.

7) Choose your music carefully

The music is as important as the images or photos you choose. Make sure your choice of music goes right with the story you will tell with the video or if you are unsure, watch movie trailers in your genre to understand what kind of music is used. To avoid copyright issues that may arise from using someone else’s music in your trailer, you could compose your own music or download from royalty-free music or public domain websites.

8) Start strong

Take note that your book trailer is limited to just 90 seconds, so you will need to grab your readers’ attention from the very beginning. Start with something engaging like a question or a quote – anything from your book that could pique their interest.

9) Get creative

Consider your book trailer as an extension of your book. In creating a book trailer that works, have no qualms about seeking inspiration from other book trailers and applying your own creativity. Research, figure out what you think will work in your own book trailer, and reinvent.

10) Use a call to action at the end

What do you want your readers to do next after watching your book trailer? Buy your book, of course. That is what a book trailer is for. At the end of the video, add a call-to-action like “Buy your copy today”.

Don’t just create a book trailer for the sake of having one. Create because you want to offer readers a great reading experience… an experience that allows their mind to conjure images as your story unfolds before their eyes.

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