Online reputation is important in any business done online. For authors, especially self-published ones, it can make or break their careers.  In the world of online publishing and digital marketing, online reputation management is a must for all authors who want to achieve both critical and commercial success.

What is Online Reputation Management ORM?

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“Online reputation management (ORM) is a strategy and process of monitoring, identifying, and influencing your digital reputation and credibility online. An effective online reputation management strategy can also provide you with new opportunities and insight on increasing your brand awareness.”

For authors, this may seem like a simple process of monitoring what genres are currently trending, identifying a specific group of readers, and creating a buzz for your book. Sadly, this is not what ORM for authors is like. ORM for authors means getting your book online, managing your author’s website for search engine optimization (SEO), and linking with other reputable sites and community. The task may seem endless but it’s the price to pay for success.  ReadersMagnet believes that these 10 items below are worth the effort for online reputation management.

  1. Increase online visibility

In order to establish a good reputation, businesses need to be noticed first. ORM allows you to design a marketing strategy for your book to be seen by readers online. A dynamic website, book trailers, social media advertising are just some of the materials you can use at your disposal. Good ORM primarily requires publicity.

2. Carving a brand

Brand marketing is the foundation for success, no matter what industry. It’s the same for all authors as well. And it goes hand in hand with establishing your reputation. Good reputation results in good branding and vice versa.

3. Increase in customer trust and credibility

In order for readers to read your book, they must have the idea that your work is worth reading. Your book will always be subjected to reviews and there will always be unpleasant ones. With ORM, you have a tool that allows you to lessen the damage of a negative review and turn it into a positive one. Or at the very least, be able to explain your side. This is an effective way to gain trust and credibility from your readers today and in the future.

4. Increase in network and listings

Online businesses rely on online directories. Websites invest in business listings. It should be the same for authors. A good ORM should be able to help you increase your number of networks and book listings. Having your book in a reputable book network or recommended book directories keep negative reviews at bay.

5. Better Search Engine Ranking

This is perhaps the most prized takeaway for any business with strong online reputation management. Google and other search engines value SEO but nothing beats good old reputation. It encompasses everything, especially for authors- good reviews, social media hype, searches, and shares. All these are components for better search engine ranking.

6. Increase in engagement

Online Reputation Management is not limited to propaganda, it’s a tool that further encourages communication with your target audience. Whether it’s a negative or positive, ORM encourages engagement with your readers. Any engagement almost always results to direct marketing. The trick is to handle every engagement to your benefit and that what ORM can give.

7. Positive publicity all the way

There is a political saying that “good or bad, publicity is still publicity”. Well, ORM doesn’t buy that. Whether its negative reviews, inquiries, comments or mere mentions, a good ORM strategy can turn all these into positive publicity for your product.

8. Increase in sales conversion

Of course, the end goal for all these hard work is to increase sales for your products which is books. By having an ORM machinery, all aspects of On-Page and On-Page SEO along with other book marketing strategies are already covered. It will only be a matter of time before these efforts will yield commercial gains. If your ORM campaign does not translate into sales, then your ORM team is doing a poor job.

9. Attract more reviews

In many ways, the ORM (online reputation management) serve as a sparkplug. They allow many opportunities for you and your product and in the process keep things going. One tangible gain from a good ORM campaign is the flow of good reviews. Reviews from established institutions such as Goodreads and should be part of your ORM’s target sites.

10. Continuous Monitoring

A good ORM monitors your books or brand and where they are in search engine pages. They also look out for negative and positive reviews. They also collate data on how your book is performing. In short, with ORM you have your own monitoring team. This is crucial for every business.

The basis for future actions

ORM provides a comprehensive view of how your book is doing online. This is something that is mostly overlooked by most businesses. Having an objective view on situations and conditions gives you an edge on how to design your book marketing campaign in the future.

ReadersMagnet is supported by an ORM team. They also support authors who need online reputation management aside from other publishing and book marketing services to authors who want their books to reach the broadest number of the target audience. You can contact ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at for more details.