Book fairs and literary festivals are important for not only authors and publishers but the reading public as well. However, the year 2020 saw the postponement or cancellation of many outdoor in-person book events and trade shows. Some book eventspushed through by switching to virtual book fairs.

Here are 10 benefits of attending virtual book fairs:

Rm Infographic 10 Benefits Of Attending Virtual Book Fairs infographic

  1. More accessible than in-person events. Virtual book fairs are more accessible to booklovers even from distant places, as well as those with mobility problems. Attendees can check out as many sessions and exhibits as possible. Plus, they can access online book events from their mobile devices or computers.
  2. No pricey extras required. Spare yourself the headache that comes with travel and accommodation costs. Attendees need not travel physically or stay at hotels for the duration of a virtual book fair. You only need a mobile device or computer with stable internet connectivity (and some food and beverages).
  3. Greater access to more content. In a virtual book fair, you get to view as much content as possible. You can view multiple sessions from wherever you are as long as you have stable internet connectivity. More books to view, more content to consume – what more can you ask for in a virtual book event?
  4. Listen to more speakers. The range of keynote speakers can be much greater as attendees can join in from anywhere on the planet. The panel of speakers in virtual book fairs is as diverse as the authors who attend and exhibit their works. Thumbs up for diversity and flexibility.
  5. Access at your convenience.There’s no need to get up or dress up to attend virtual book fairs. You can enjoy online book events as you would enjoy Netflix.You can watch or replay sessions from your bath, bed, in your study or garden.
  6. Learning made easier. Virtual book events make knowledge more accessible and learning a lot easier. Thanks to technology, booklovers can access content at their own pace and convenience. They can even replay interviews and workshops, thus making it easier to take notes or recall important information.
  7. Good for the environment. By just attending a virtual book fair, you help reduce your carbon imprint and make the world cleaner. Online book events do more than just reducetravel,accommodation, and event planning costs and stress. It helps cut down on air and noise pollution, electricity and oil consumption, waste and garbage.
  8. Greater participation. Virtual book fairs encourage greater participation and engagement. They are not restricted by geography and even time zone differences. As their physical presence is not required, attendees need not manage their time to attend a virtual book event.
  9. Greater value for time spent. You can do things in a virtual book fair that you could never do in a traditional in-person event. You can attend multiple sessions at the same time, access content anytime you want, and participate from wherever you are in the world. What more can you ask for after signing up?
  10. More networking options. Virtual book fairsaim to relive the experience of an in-person book event/literary festival in a virtual setting. As such, it allows attendees plenty of opportunities to network and build professional relationships. An online book event should appeal to introverts and those who shy away from in-person networking.

The benefits of attending virtual book fairs are endless.They are easy and cost-effective to set up, and the cost savings are better passed to the attendees and speakers to encourage more participation and greater engagement. Virtual book fairs offer convenience and flexibility for both attendees and speakers, particularly those who could not afford to attend an in-person book event.

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