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Make every child smile with your colorful story and wonderful pictures.


Bring your story and characters to life in a gorgeous, sturdy book.

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Inspire children and the young at heart across all digital channels.


Cover Design and Template

Every children’s book deserves a stunning book cover.

1 Option with 1 Revision 1 Option with 2 Revisions 1 Option with 3 Revisions

Illustration Cover

Give readers an illustrated preview of your children’s story.

Text and Layout

The right font and an eye-catching layout contributes to what makes a book great. Includes two revisions with 25 textual revisions each.

Author Photo and Profile

Introduce yourself as a storyteller to the kids and the young at heart.

Author-Supplied Cover (should include raw materials)

Stamp your children’s book with your own book cover.

Cover Enhancement

Our creativity will bring your old children’s book cover back to life.

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Number of Illustration (including cover)

A children’s book filled with pictures makes reading more fun.

10 10 10

Additional Illustration

Add to a child’s already fun experience with an additional image or two.

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Illustration Design

Get the design you think children will love to see in your masterpiece.

1 Revision 2 Revisions 3 Revisions

Author-Supplied Illustration (should include raw materials)

Add your creative touch to your own children’s story.

Illustration Style

Bring your children’s story to life with the right illustration style.

Cartoons Semi Realistic Realistic

Illustration Enhancement

Outline and color enhancement, plus additional background props, help you visualize your story better and your characters stand out more.

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Get a pre-first edition copy of your children’s book to edit or send for review.


Author Copy – Paperback

Imagine the joy when you finally hold a copy of your children’s book in your hands.

1 1 1

Author Copy – Hardcover

Keep a copy of your masterpiece – a treasure you would like to pass to your kids.

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Make a child smile today. Gift a young reader with a copy of your book.
(Shipping and handling for complimentary titles, if any, are not included in the publishing package price.)

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Share your masterpiece to enrich a young reader’s world.
(Shipping and handling for complimentary titles, if any, are not included in the publishing package price.)

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ISBN (for Book and eBook)

Make your children’s book easier to discover with a unique ISBN.

U.S. Copyright Registration

Share your story to children; protect it under the U.S. Copyright Law.

Library of Congress Registration

Submit your children’s book to the Library of Congress.


Author Volume Discounts

Take advantage of author discounts when you order multiple copies of your book.


Amazon Listing

Bring your children’s book to the world’s largest online marketplace.

Kindle Direct Publishing Listing

Share your story with lovers of children’s literature who use Kindle.

Ingram Listing

The largest book wholesaler and distributor brings your children’s book to where readers go.


Maximise our marketing expertise to boost your children’s book online visibility.

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